Conventional End Mount Slip-on Module


This versatile low weight Slip-on module has been designed to fit most full size pickups. The base model features a baffled 200 gallon polypropylene tank, Honda powered centrifugal pump, drafting capabilities, and standard heavy duty Hose reel, with 100 feet 3/4“ hose. Choose from the options available to customize your product. For any questions about the available options please contact us.

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Make/model: Wildland Products 100% polypropylene construction, internally baffled. Integrated sight glass for water level, end mount pump pad tie down machined slots around the edges. This design offers a low center of gravity and easy access to the pump and controls.

Capacity: 200 U.S. gallons.

Fill port: Integral breather, strainer, fill cap.  Additional 1” NPSH fill

Drain port: 1.5” expansion plug


  • Make/model: Koshin SEH-40, self-priming single stage centrifugal pump.
  • Suction: 1.5” MNPT
  • Discharge: 1.5” MNPT
  • Max discharge: 73 GPM
  • Max pressure: 61 PSI


  • Make /model: Honda GX50H 4 stroke, gasoline engine.
  • Starting system: Pull start, recoil
  • Max power: 1HP @ 7000 RPM.

Hose Reel

  • Make/model: Reel Craft series 30000, Heavy duty
  • Hose capacity: 150 feet heavy duty semi rigid hose. ¾ GHT
  • Rewind: Manual
  • Drum brake: manual, drag


Available options

  • 300 and 400 gal capacities
  • Wildland products range 115 Pump
  • Wildland Products pro 250
  • Foam proportioner with 10 gal foam cell
  • Electric start motors
  • electric rewind hose reel
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